How much fun have you had today?

I know what you’re thinking – we are NOT living through fun times right now.

We’re in the midst of a pandemic, after all.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely living under some degree of lockdown or restrictions. You might be concerned about your medical situation, and the health of your loved ones. Perhaps your work has been disrupted, and that’s had a financial impact on your life. Or maybe your focus is off, your mood is down, or your motivation is lost. You might feel uncertain and worried life will never feel normal or peaceful to you again.

Fun is just not a priority right now. Why would anyone even ask this crazy question?

Hear me out.

I recently worked with a leadership team – looking at fundamental skills surrounding communication and how to motivate – and it was a particularly productive and impactful session because we were able to have fun with it.

There were friendly jokes flying back and forth, people were open to experimenting and trying out new stuff and, as a result, the meeting was really enjoyable and energizing.

It felt like play, rather than work.

It got me thinking about how important it is to have fun.

I mean, what better way to manage your way through a pandemic, than to make it a point to do something fun every day?

Personally, I put it at the top of my daily to-do list – “do something fun today”.

Now you might be thinking, that’s the last thing you need; yet another thing to add to the never-ending, overwhelming to-do list.

I get it.

But here’s the thing – having a fun life does not need to be complicated. For instance, for me, fun means playing soccer.

And, as you know, we can’t really go out to play soccer with other people these days, so what I do is I play a little here and there by myself, in my house (away from the expensive china).

I’ve got a couple of soccer balls strewn around the house and when the impulse strikes me, I kick a ball around for a few minutes.

Instant fun. I feel better right away and my day goes smoother.


It sounds silly but consider this…

Fun is an energizer.

We are hardwired for seriousness and to be fearful, but fun can bring us out of these hard times. Fun will keep us balanced, and build our resilience during these tough times.

We need fun now, more than ever.

So now, I’d like to hear from you… what little thing are you doing (or can you do) to build fun into your daily life?

What’s a fun thing you did today, or yesterday, or over the past week?

Please share in the comments, I’d love to hear from you.

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