According to Gallup*, “just three in 10 U.S. workers strongly agree that at work, their opinions seem to count. However, by moving that ratio to six in 10 employees, organizations could realize a 27% reduction in turnover, a 40% reduction in safety incidents and a 12% increase in productivity”.

Do members of your team feel comfortable contributing new ideas?

Do they feel free to be themselves?

Do they speak up when they disagree with others in the workplace?

Or, do they keep their thoughts to themselves because they feel it’s not safe to engage? That their opinions don’t matter? Or that it’s just not worth sticking their neck out with an opposing idea or thought?

Dr. Amy Edmondson, professor at Harvard Business School, defined the term “psychological safety” to describe “a climate in which people are comfortable being (and expressing) themselves.”

And, if employees don’t feel “psychologically safe” in the workplace, it could hinder workplace productivity.


– Prioritize investments in the highest-impact areas, such as leadership training
Invest in programs that promote positive mental health and resilience

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*Source: Gallup