When it comes to developing leaders, quite simply, I want development opportunities that help them lead better, manage change better and connect better. This hits all that and more.

There are eight Agile EQ mindsets you can call on to guide your interactions. No one mindset is more valuable than the next; rather, the needs of a particular situation will dictate which is appropriate. 

Read below, what do you recognize as mindsets that come naturally for you and take less effort? Which might take more effort for you? 

Learning when and how to adopt each mindset will let you take an agile approach to your interactions.


Asserting your opinions and rights, projecting confidence in your ideas and abilities, and taking charge of situations


Initiating action on your ideas, influencing people, and projecting a strong social presence


Establishing and maintaining relationships and expressing your emotions and unfiltered thoughts to others


Reaching out with compassion, seeking to understand people’s emotional needs and struggles, and being supportive


Staying open to others’ ideas and being willing to compromise or set aside your own needs and preferences


Reflecting before acting, moderating your responses (even under stress), and exercising diplomacy


Separating facts from emotions and keeping the discussion focused on logic


Standing your ground in the face of opposition, speaking up about problems, and pushing through any resistance

Organizations are investing in and developing their leaders more than ever while creating real connections and feelings of belonging, resulting in higher levels of retention and engagement.

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