It is still about the TEAM.

The top priority of your organization’s leaders is to take care of their teams. Through the challenges of the pandemic and the on-again off-again returning to in-person work, employees need empathetic leadership.

Many employees are experiencing a mix of emotions when considering returning to the office. The emotions come from a variety of reasons as personal as each individual. For some it means having less time with their kids, having to commute again or having less flexibility in how they work. Others are wanting to be back in the office consistently with more in-person contact with their colleagues and more structure to their workday. Whatever the preference, the changes can feel overwhelming as individuals doubt their ability to cope with working “differently”.


– Prioritize investments in the highest-impact areas, such as leadership training
– Promote positive mental health and well-being
– Invest in programs that promote positive mental health and resilience

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