It’s Global!

Organizations globally are experiencing high levels of absenteeism, burnout, decreased productivity, and increased turnover.

This week I had a session with a global organization with leaders from Europe, North America, and Asia, and not surprisingly there are themes of resilience and mental wellness challenges across cultures and time zones.

Check out these employee observations and ask yourself what is happening at your organization:

– “Employees calling in sick more often”
– “Lack attention to their tasks”
– “More negative comments”
– “Lack of patience”
– “Antagonistic”
– “Reduced performance levels”
– “Low level engagement”
– “Less sharing of ideas and solutions”

Regardless where you are globally, the impact of the last couple of years is still ever present.

Organizations need to be proactive in supporting employee mental well-being and resilience.


Prioritize investments in the highest-impact areas, such as leadership training
– Promote positive mental health and well-being
Invest in programs that promote positive mental health and resilience

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