51% of employees are experiencing feelings of loneliness.*

At this point, after more than 2 years of the pandemic, we thought it would all be easier. We still have pandemic related concerns, anxiety, loneliness and uncertainty for the return-to-office (or not).

What do employees need in this new world of hybrid work? One of the best things you can do for your organization is develop your leaders. Helping leaders to thrive and lead employees in the new environment supports mental wellbeing as well as impacts positive retention and productivity.

Leaders need to be focused on having a clear team vision, open communication and having helpful empathetic 1:1 coaching conversations.

In addition, leaders need to focus on strengthening the team dynamic, helping team members feel acknowledged and supported and creating a sense of belonging and inclusion.

*Manulife Wellness Report


– Prioritize investments in the highest-impact areas, such as leadership training
– Promote positive mental health and well-being
– Invest in programs that promote positive mental health and resilience

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