Thu, February 18, 2021

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM EST

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You’ve endured many challenges so far, now continue to learn the critical skills needed to best position you and your team to persevere.

Our responses to the current crisis range from adaptive, productive and healthy to unhealthy, unproductive and even harmful. The pandemic has been a source of emotional stress and anxiety for individuals and their organizations. The lack of support to better manage the emotional impact further contributes to a person’s reduced performance, increased anxiety and threatens mental health.

More than ever, organizations and individuals need the critical skills to support resilience and mental health.

Have you been wanting to support resilience for your employees but not sure how?

Are you worried about your colleagues and their ability to stay resilient?

Would you like to have some practical easy to apply strategies?

In this interactive (chat and polls) webinar we’ll offer practical strategies for building agility and resilience.

  • Common myths of resilience
  • Resilience and mental health
  • 5 Skills for individuals and teams
  • How to support employees

What people say:

“We all need resilience and Randall delivered an amazing, enthusiastic and professional session that helps strengthen resilience in individuals. Way to go!”

“Great session Randall! A huge thank you as it’s what me and my team exactly needed. These have been a challenging several months and you really lifted my team and helped them be more resilient. Awesome!”

“The workshop was very helpful for our team and the delivery was excellent…highly recommend it”

“It was a great fresh perspective on resilience. You were fun, approachable and kept the session very upbeat.”

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