It’s easy to tell yourself that having fun is just not a priority these days.

However, what if I told you that having fun is more important now, perhaps more than ever?

As we transition out of a languishing pandemic state, fun could be the missing ingredient to help you enter a state of flourishing.

Recently, a friend of mine, Federico, did a concert from my balcony from the 17th floor of my apartment building. It was just an informal event, for some of the people in the other buildings in my neighborhood and the park across the street.

For Federico, as a musician, it was an opportunity to have a concert. For me, it was an opportunity to just do something fun – you know, for the sake of it.

Interjecting fun into your life could be just what you need to feel like you have a sense of control over your life. And with that sense of control and autonomy, could come a sense of well-being and confidence that could lead to the change you want to see in the future life you are trying to build.

So, what are you doing for fun?

Special thanks to Debbie Pearmain for sitting with me for this talk!

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