At Solution Development Group, we’re experts in creating energizing and engaging experiences that motivate people to achieve outstanding results. We believe that businesses thrive when their leaders come together to connect, learn and grow. Our range of services help our clients embrace change, develop new skills and create stronger relationships at work. And we make it fun too.

Speaking & Events

We help organizations engage, motivate and inspire their people by delivering interactive keynotes and facilitating at conferences, leadership forums and corporate events.


Learning Programs

We deliver programs to groups of 5-500 that cover a wide array of business topics including collaboration, conflict resolution, change management and leadership.


We help leaders, managers and professionals increase their confidence and improve their leadership abilities with personalized coaching and 1:1 training programs.

“We have worked with Randall many times in our conferences and our leadership training, and he never ceases to amaze or wow us. He is incredibly engaging, knowledgeable, fun and always has the ability to really connect with audiences.

Add on top of that he is one of the most collaborative facilitators in the industry and always a conference favourite. It seems each time we work with him he brings something new and surprises us. We love working with Randall and look forward to our continued partnership!”

Ava Herman, National Leadership Coach, RBC

Our Learning Programs



Learn the secrets of effective collaboration with this course designed to increase communication and creativity in the workplace.

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Discover Presentation Skills

Learn the secrets to creating great presentations with expert skills and hands on practice.

Learn more.

Destination Presentation Skills

Learn to deliver your ideas to senior leaders and executives with this program designed to help you get your ideas across with confidence, simplicity and ease.

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“Randall Vickerson has been the facilitator of our Management Development Program since 2012. His exceptional facilitation skills are one of the reasons our program has been as successful as it is today. Randall is very well known within our organization as our MDP facilitator and participants comment that this program is of a superior level because of Randall’s involvement and we echo those sentiments.”

Natalie Chan, Vice President, Human Resources
Ardele Karaganis, Manager, Learning & Development
Richardson International

Meet Randall.

Randall Vickerson is a seasoned facilitator, expert coach and speaker with a gift for energizing rooms and bringing people together to connect, learn and grow. Whether he’s working 1:1, leading a small group, or speaking to a large audience, Randall knows how to make learning and professional development engaging, fun and effective.

Randall’s engaging style of speaking and facilitation is the result of his 20+ years of experience as a currency trader, relationships manager, executive coach and professional actor. He travels throughout North America, Asia and Europe to help leaders at all levels embrace change, increase collaboration and develop new skills.

  • Certified Training & Development Practitioner (CTDP)
  • Member of the International Association of Coaching (IAC)
  • Certified Solution Focused Coach (CSFC)
  • A Certificate in Solution-Focus, University of Toronto



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